Ebooks, A Proven Cure for Burnout

Recently, I’ve been feeling happy at our getting things done little by little regarding wedding preparations. But today I am really feeling the burnout, headaches and exhaustion.  Between life’s ups and downs and all the excitement of our upcoming wedding I haven’t had time for my usual makeup and skincare routine. I did get in a quick face mask in yesterday. though.

My mind has been on my ebooks in my Kindle app library and I checked my diary, slightly worried that I had missed an ARC blog tour. No, I haven’t missed any. My body was screaming relax and so I left my emails to come in (by the way thanks for the recent congratulations on our wedding to those who sent their well-wishes).

I’m planning tomorrow’s blog tour  post for Sasha Morgan’s book A Country Rivalry and also my post for Darcie Boleyn’s latest book, The House at Greenacres which I’ll post on the 29th, 

More than ever, I am pleased that books have not lost their power to help me relax.

I’m also pleased to say that I’ve now got my Rumba powerchair back after the recent incident with it, so that’s a relief. I’m really missing my TDX SP 2 NB powerchair because of all the positioning capabilities it has but I can only say that I will be glad to have that back too.

More ring shopping tomorrow……


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