Our Easter Celebrations 2022

Easter day is here! These last few days, I was wondering what makeup to wear and realized I hadn’t reviewed my I Heart Makeup Surprise Egg Eyeshadow palettes, so I did that.

I decided to alternate between the Unicorn palette and the Dragon palette since Thursday. Today’s makeup look was:

The gold shade from my Dragon I Heart Makeup Surprise Egg Eyeshadow Palette which is a very pigmented shade.

Cien Volume Mascara in Black

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in the shade 410, Catherine

Revolution Beauty Blushing Hearts Blush in Peachy Pink Kisses

Technic Magic Mist Illuminating Setting Spray in 24K Gold

The weather was good so we went to the park. We went to the surpermarket and I was searching for some long lasting makeup but they didn’t have it. The range is the Stay On range by Lidl which has dupes for products like L’Oreal’s Infallible foundation, their Superstay Matte Ink lipsticks or Superstay 16 Hour Powder amongst others.

Watching a movie is a tradition for me at Easter, and last night I watched Twister, a favourite of mine. Tonight, I’ll watch Brooklyn.

We ate chicken potato and vegetable stew and drank some champagne.

Happy Easter!

6 thoughts on “Our Easter Celebrations 2022

  1. I like Twister, but I’ve not seen Brooklyn.

    Chicken potato and vegetable stew sounds lovely. It reminds me that this is something I have not had for sometime. I usually do this in my slow cooker.

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    • I like Twister too, and have liked in since it was released. I was disappointed with Brooklyn. The stew is delicious. We hope to get a slow cooker at some point, but my husband is the only one who can physically cook. He’s a great cook.

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      • If you go down the slow cooker route, get an instant cooker instead, it has different settings, so does more than just slow cooker. I have just gone down this route after using a slow cooker years before that. I wish I bought one sooner. But I am still getting used to it.

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      • Good to know, thanks. Could you recommend any brands? It’s really hard to know what’s on the market when and when to buy it. Let me know how using the instant cooker goes.


      • I don’t use it often. But it comes in handy for my rice as I don’t have any hobs, just a small oven and microwave. So its bern nice to do that and just got knack cooking a portion of rice how I want it. Not that I spoilt past attempts.
        I need to get round to now using as a slow cooker and trying other things.

        There is a porridge, soup, steam, roasting, jam, browning, slow cooker, yoghurt, baking, rice, risotto, pasta, reheat and keep warm functions, as well as where you can set your own cooking favourites using my recipe function.


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