Bloganuary Day 24: How do you show love? (Plus The Story of Our Love) #bloganuary

Showing love is not hard for me. I show my husband love by telling him I love him, although many times we don’t need to tell each other to know that we love each other.

We have two days that we celebrate every month: the 11th which was the day we got married and the 23rd which was the day we decided we were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The 23rd was also the day we got engaged.

On March 23 2006, Alfredo took me to a square we liked and suddenly asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said yes.

2 years later 23rd of March 2008, I was in bed but still awake when Alfredo presented me with a small red. velvet box. He opened it for me and put the ring on my finger. It was a white gold wedding band with a single diamond. Alfredo’s initials. LAP (for the names Luis Alfredo Perez) were engraved on the inside.

I cried and he hugged me. Then, I realized what had been going on….the time some months before when he measured my finger to get my ring size. I had suspected something was going to happen, but did not think about it and then, on the night we got engaged, he explained the whole story.

My engagement ring is from Peru and his sister had helped with getting it to me. I was so touched that it was so original.

The story of my wedding ring is a great one, too. I was so excited about our wedding. I thought “who needs a wedding planner?” and I was on wedding ring store websites for hours admiring beautiful rings. Tiffany’s and others were ones I visited.

We went to one store where the lady showed me gold rings that seemed too simple and we weren’t there long. “I want something sparkly,” I told her. She did not have anything.

So, it was back to the Internet. And….within five minutes, I had the ring. A gold band with 11 diamonds. It was beautiful. We went to the store which was on a sloping street and while we tried to keep me in my wheelchair, I was wanting to just find the ring.

The lady asked which one I wanted and I showed her the screenshot on my phone. The moment we got the rings was amazing.

Since that day, we support each other, and show love by occasionally buying gifts but mostly just by being there for each other.

I show love to those who mean a lot to me by:

Always asking how they are and respecting them

Being there for them as much as I can and more when they have problems in life

Remembering their birthdays

Sending ecards and emails

How do you show love?

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