Finished Products: January plus Month Life Update 

Starting today and posting on the last day of every month, I’m going to do a blog post series with life and finished product updates for that month. 

This month’s finished products are: 

Babaria Olive Oil Body Lotion 

Byphasse Toner with Witch Hazel and Orange Blossom for Oily Skin. You can see my review here. I’m amazed how long it lasted but I did alternate between it and another toner, the Garnier Pure Sensitive Gel Toner which I used for my Garnier 28 Day Challenge last year but I found the toner, being a gel texture, contributed to that as the product went further than a standard liquid- based toner. 

Lidl Cien BB Cream in Light Tones

Lidl Cien Volume Mascara in Black 

This month has been a month of shopping, with the January sales and then my surprise when my fabric samples from JJ’s House came in the post after just 3 days, I am still admiring the swatches and will definitely do a post about my experience with the website when I have my dress. 
I have managed to do 2800 words of my 8333 word goal for the month for Write Year (WriYe) which really isn’t as much as I thought I would do but I have realistically done more because of some blog posts but blog posts unfortunately don’t count towards the challenge .
 I also got through 12 books for my Goodreads Challenge.
There were some sad stories on the news that took my attention away from my writing projects and also some personal health issues and I’m feeling a bit drained so am resting up but in general I feel like January has been quite a productive month. I wonder what February will bring?

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